Your Gateway to the World

Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company helps its customers and the communities it serves to succeed through safe, effective and efficient rail service. We are your gateway to the world!


Twin Cities & Western Railroad

Twin Cities and Western Railroad Company is a regional railroad based in Glencoe, Minnesota operating over 229 miles of track and serving some of the most productive agricultural counties in Minnesota and South Dakota. TC&W is the largest shortline railroad in Minnesota!


What We Do


TC&W has transloading sites to connect you to the entire North American rail network.

Railcar Storage

TC&W offers railcar storage services for both short-term and long-term storage.

Railcar Repair

TC&W provides light railcar repair services to keep you running. Send your cars to us or we can come to you!

Developable Sites

TC&W has access to developable sites and industrial parks along the rail to invest in.


Twin Cities & Western and its affiliates MPL and SMRR operate over 360 miles of track in Minnesota and South Dakota. We have multiple class 1 carrier access and transloading to get you where you need to go.

Where we Move

Benefits of Rail


The rail industry is a critical and dependable link in the nation's supply chain. Rail has fixed routes and follows a schedule so you can monitor your cargo's location.

Cost Effective

Hauling freight by rail is a cost effective option. You're able to transport more cargo in a rail car than a truck.

Environmentally Friendly

Railroads can be four times more fuel-efficient than trucks. Shipping by rail helps reduce highway congestion and pollution.


The versatility of rail makes it a great option for hauling freight. Rail can move a large variety of commondities from origin to destination.

What Our Customers Say

"The TC&W & MPL have continually provided great service and give Step Saver the confidence that this service will continue into the future."
Chuck Steffl, Step Saver Inc.
"We have found the TCWR to be both helpful and reliable, allowing us to accomplish our goals of providing better business to both our customers and our producer partners in the region."
Shaun Brooks, F.W. Cobs Company