Twin Cities Western Railroad Company

Minnesota Prairie Line Tariffs

tcw-tariffsMinnesota Prairie Line Tariffs

Tariff Articles – Special Arrangement Description
MPLI 8500-E – effective 01/1/2017

MPLI 8500D Rev 2

Special Arrangement Tariff
Tariff Articles – Demurrage Tariff Description
MPLI 8400A – effective 10/1/08
Demurrage Tariff
Tariff Articles – Grain / Grain Products Description
MPLI 4222 N – Effective 10/01/2018 Grain Tariff
MPLI 4222 M– Effective 10/01/2017
Grain Tariff
MPLI 44100 W – Effective 10/01/2018 DDG’s from Winthrop to St. Paul
MPLI 44100 V – Effective 10/01/2017 DDG’s From Winthrop to St. Paul


Fuel Surcharge


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