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Minnesota Prairie Line Overview

Minnesota Prairie Line, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Twin Cities & Western Railroad based in Glencoe, Minnesota. Since 2002, Minnesota Prairie Line (MPL) has been the agent/operator of 94 miles of track between Norwood Young America and Hanley Falls, Minnesota, which is owned by the Minnesota Valley Regional Railroad Authority.  Serving some of the most productive agricultural counties in Minnesota, MPL operates through twelve communities.

Commodities handled include: corn, soybeans, distillers dry grain (DDG’s), fertilizers, ethanol, butter, lumber and other forest products, canned vegetables, biodiesel, tallow, salt (commercial & industrial), and aggregates.  MPL also performs rail car storage and has sites available for rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transloading.

In November of 2012, MPL completed the rehabilitation of the east end of its line.  With this rehabilitation phase completed, the speed limit from Norwood Young America to Winthrop, Minn. is increasing from 10 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, which allows for more reliable service and improved transit times.  Future plans involve further upgrading with a goal of achieving 25 mph operation over the entire line.

MPL works in partnership with the Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority and the communities it serves to enhance rural economic development.


Customer Service

A fully staffed Customer Service Center is based in Glencoe, MN.

Contact Us: 1-800-290-TCWR(8297) or


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