Twin Cities Western Railroad Company

TCW Guarantee Car Supply


This program is being offered under the provisions of USC S 10722 effective December 1, 2006 and will apply to the guaranteed supply of covered hopper car(s) for the movement of corn, soybeans and wheat from TCWR served elevators to either online or offline destinations.


TCWR may offer up to one hundred (100) covered hopper cars for bids per month and will guarantee availability of these car(s) to the entity with the highest bid.  Fifty (50) cars will be offered for the first half of a given month (1st-15th) and fifty (50) cars will be offered for the second half of a given month (16th -31st).  On the day covered hopper car(s) are being offered here under, they are being offered for the second calendar month after being offered. For example, for covered hopper cars offered on the first working day of the month of June, such covered hoppers are being offered for the immediately succeeding August. Monthly bids will be accepted on the first working day of the month between 0800 hours and 1200 hours. Bids are to be submitted on the web site at  In the event of equal high bids, the highest bidders will be asked to resubmit their bid offers.  Bids shall be tendered for a minimum of five (5) cars and a maximum of fifty (50) cars for the first half and second half of the month.  The winning bidder will be awarded the bid based on the total dollar aggregate for the cars sold. The minimum bid amount will be $250.00 per car and if there are no bids received at the close of the bid period, car(s) will be utilized in the general fleet program.


For months when TCWR is no longer accepting grain car orders for the loading of corn, soybeans and wheat, TCWR may elect to not offer car(s) under this tariff item for such closed months.


The applicable freight rates will be the published rates in TCWR grain tariffs and the amount of the awarded bid will be billed direct to the awardees.  If a car order is cancelled the bid award will still be invoiced to the successful bidder.

Bid Results

Guarantee Car Bid Form

  • Number of Cars Requested

    Number of cars available for monthly bid: 50 cars first half/50 cars second half
  • Please note: Bids are to be submitted in dollars above tariff rate.

    Bids for covered hopper cars will be accepted for the first working day of the month between 0800 hours and 1200 hours for the following month and shipping periods up to three (3) months in advance.